Google advertising by itself, in combination or as a service

How to succeed with Google advertising yourself and with a partner?

Unique Google advertising delivered in different ways

Google advertising is a unique opportunity to market to your target audience while they are already looking to buy. To get the best results from Google advertising, you need to communicate to your target audience in an interesting, reliable, timely and precisely targeted way, and optimise your advertising regularly based on the results you get. For a layman, it can be prohibitively difficult to survive in a highly competitive situation.

Success Stories wants to help you win the hearts of your target audience with Google advertising. We will implement the right cooperation model for your company. We have been a Google Certified Partner since the beginning of the Partner Program.

Google advertising itself

Who wouldn’t want to know how to do Google advertising themselves? If you do it yourself, Google advertising can be a very cost-effective option if you can react quickly to changes and know the basics of Google advertising. By doing Google advertising yourself, you get a good idea of what your target audience is looking for and how they behave online.

For Google self-promoters, we provide training, sparring and support when you need it most. Our team has experience from hundreds of different companies, situations and campaigns. When you want outside insight, experience or are having trouble using your Google Account, a few hours now and then with a Google expert can boost your campaign results significantly. Our training is tailored to your company’s advertising situation and the specificities of your campaign.

Google advertising together

Developed together, Google advertising can deliver the best results of all. As a customer, you can bring our Google experts information from inside your business, such as changes in customer behaviour, accurate information on sales figures or events, and other relevant information. This information is used to develop the campaign.

Collaborative Google advertising works best when you work together closely and exchange information. We’re happy to explore how a joint Google advertising campaign could deliver results for you.

Google advertising as a service

In the service model, we are responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring and development of all Google advertising independently. We report on the results achieved at regular intervals, using the indicators that are relevant to your business. At the beginning of the collaboration, we will develop an advertising plan that we will implement across the Google platform with the budget given. The advertising plan takes into account the objectives, target group, advertising themes and the advertising platform in use (keyword, display, video or Google Shopping advertising for e-commerce.)

Achieve your goals with Google advertising

Success Stories will design and implement a Google advertising solution that meets your goals. You can ask us anything you want when you’re planning to start advertising with Google Ads. It pays to put our expertise to good use early on.

Let’s make a Google advertising solution that works for you

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