Five ways to increase the effectiveness of your Google Ads marketing

1. Making the right use of AI and machine learning to guide advertising

Google Ads is powered by powerful artificial intelligence, which, when used correctly, is very capable of driving targeted visitors to your website.

We have noticed that Google’s machine learning is guided by false information, which can even cause the AI to work against the advertiser’s objectives.

The most effective AI-based campaign format is Google’s Performance Maximizer campaign type (Pmax.)

A Pmax campaign works effectively when it is provided with conversion data and values to maximise the revenue generated by advertising. We have seen incorrect conversion values being imported into Google Ads, for example giving all conversions a value of €1. This makes it impossible for Google to judge which target groups, keywords and ads will generate the best revenue for the advertiser.

So import the real, actual conversion events and values to your Ads account. This is where the Success Stories experts can help you.

2. Targeting advertising formats according to advertising space

By default, Google displays ads as widely as possible. For example, Google Shopping campaigns are displayed by default on Google’s Display network.

To maximise the return on your Google advertising, make sure you have versions of your ads that are suitable for different ad spaces. Alternatively, exclude visibility where there are no suitable ads.

3. Balance between brand and conversion campaigns

Account analyses often come up against campaign structures that focus on either brand awareness or conversion advertising only.

The best long-term results are achieved when you market to increase both awareness and conversions. Google’s machine learning learns to target advertising according to objectives when campaigns are clearly structured. As a rule of thumb, a 60/40 budget split between brand awareness and conversion campaigns can be considered. This allocation should be optimised regularly every 6-12 months.

4. Focus on quality advertising content and take advantage of new features

In Google marketing, ads get a lot of visibility, with active advertisers talking about several million ad impressions per month. It is therefore important that your company’s advertising is clear and inspires confidence.

Analyses of advertising accounts often show ads with misspellings, incorrect use of capital letters, incorrect shortening of hyphens, extensive use of exclamation marks, multiple calls to action, unnecessarily short ad copy or otherwise failing to exploit differentiating features.

So create well-written and clear ads that match the campaign’s objective. Google Search advertising can use your company logo and, subject to certain restrictions, other visual elements as part of your keyword advertising. So use the opportunities Google offers wisely.

5. Build trust in Google Ads

Under Google’s Ads Transparency program, advertisers must identify themselves to Google when asked. With Transparency, users can, among other things, check advertisements published by advertisers across their entire advertising history and how advertising is targeted to users.

Google Ads Transparency aims to increase user trust in Google Ads and Google advertisers.

Failure to verify, or providing false information, may result in Google blocking ads from appearing. For intentional misrepresentation, Google may impose sanctions or penalties for not only advertising but also other uses of Google services, such as organic visibility on Google services.

So make sure that you are verified as a Google advertiser correctly. You can check verification at the Google Ads Transparency Center.

Bonus: Demand transparency from your Google Ads partner

As recently as spring 2023, we have seen Google marketing implementations where the advertiser did not have access to their own advertising account. A Google campaign may have been built under the marketing partner’s own account and the reporting may have omitted advertising costs. The advertiser has not been aware which part of the costs are Google’s media billing and which part are service costs.

So require access to your company’s own advertising account to make sure you own the data in the account and know how the costs are shared between the media and the service. In this case, your company also has the freedom to choose the supplier of the marketing service, if it so wishes.

Developing Google Ads marketing effectively

The Google Ads team at Success Stories plans and executes advertising in a business-driven way, always taking into account customer goals and Google’s capabilities. We provide you with expert service tailored to your business needs.

If you want to develop your Google Ads marketing effectively with professionals, you can submit a request for a quote for Google Ads marketing.

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