Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Most of our customers’ target groups can be reached quickly and efficiently through SoMe platforms. With the help of SoMe marketing, we build awareness of our customers for their target groups and activate the target group to make purchases and contact our customers.

We plan and implement SoMe marketing taking into account the special characteristics of each of our customers, always customer-oriented. We have achieved the best results by combining SoMe marketing with automation and traditional content marketing.

The SoMe platforms we use are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

How to get started

We start the cooperation by finding out the goals of your business and your desire for the content of the cooperation. If you wish, you can influence how close you wish the cooperation to be. We prepare a SoMe plan for SoMe marketing, for which we get to know, in addition to your goals, the special features of your company’s business, the competitive situation and the current situation of your marketing.

The work according to the SoMe plan is carried out for your company’s SoMe accounts, which we manage under our own main account.

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