Ville Holm

Ville is an entrepreneur at heart. His ability to understand the business of different companies and to see things from the customer’s point of view have made him a successful marketing entrepreneur, whose solid professional skills have been helping Success Stories’ clients since 2006. He knows where companies’ money comes from and can see if they have made it easy to buy.

Ville is relentless, and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. In addition, many praise him for his sincerity. He is a team player who engages with his company on a daily basis, together with his employees. In other people, he appreciates the willingness to learn and get things done.

Ville’s role in the company’s management is varied: it includes everything from HR to financial management, as well as a lot of development work. But most of all, he spends most of his time acquiring clients and working on projects for existing clients. Over the past fifteen years, he has managed to increase the number of clients significantly, while at the same time growing his team of employees.

Before Success Stories, Ville studied search marketing and ran his own online store. The store did well with the help of search engine marketing. The online store taught Ville about website development and search engine optimisation. Ville got into marketing by chance. He seized the opportunity with an open mind, and urges others to do the same.